Does Liking Femboys Make You Gay?

Does liking femboys make you gay?

Stright Cis Guy googling this question.jpg Art by
polytheneham on Divantart

Not really, also ya, it is kinda complicated

So I was sitting down and thinking, what should I write about? 

And then I started thinking about Bridget, the newest trans fem rep in video games, but truth be told I don’t want to touch the whole “discussion” around her.

Bridget is the GOAT though, I will die on this hill. Art by @paxiti

So let’s go for something less … hot and a topic that is cuter. 

So does liking femboys make you gay?

The answer is

Why do you care? 

I mean like I can and will go into whether or not femboys are gay but like I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the fact that people have to even ask the question. 

I believe that the debate about whether femboys are gay is because there is still a stigma around being gay, whether that be from outside of internal sources. 

Boys, Girls, and others, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Ok, let’s get that cleared up so imma say it again.


Regardless of who you fall in love with and what you are attracted to, you will still be loved and accepted by people. Now that might not be everyone you know but truth be told, if someone doesn’t accept you for being gay they don’t deserve to be in your life.

Because if someone doesn’t accept you for being different from what they expected then they didn’t really like you for who you are just the idea of you. And that is a problem with them, not you. 

It is not normal for people to reject and hate someone that they love for such an incidental thing as being gay. Most people regardless of their previously held beliefs change their minds when someone comes out to them. They may be awkward or ignorant about the subject but if they do care they will respect you for who you are and educate themselves to be a more understanding person. 

Ok, that’s it. Even if femboys are gay there is not a problem with that because there is no problem with being gay. 

Now on to the real answer so, drumroll, please.

Does liking femboys make you gay? 

If you just like them because they are cute, then not really it is like just appreciating feminine beauty, the way you can appreciate a dress or someone’s makeup but not be attracted to them 

This is objectively a very cute look. Art by @paxiti

If you are attracted to them then the following applies.

If you identify as male

Yes if you like them because they are guys, no if you like them because they are feminine

If you identify as female, It’s a similar answer

Yes if you like them because they are feminine. No, if you like them because they are guys. 

Now let me just cover myself and say that attraction is a spectrum. So like me determining whether something is gay is like arguing that water is wet. It’s tricky and no answer will be satisfying. 

Whether or not you are gay is something only you can decide. It’s up to you to determine for yourself how you identify.

Labels like, “gay, queer, trans, bi” are only there for you to be comfortable and for you to understand yourself. 

Bottom line, don’t worry about it too much it’s really not a big deal.




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