BAD REVIEWS SUMMER CAMP: Brand New Animal Mini Review (BNA)

Prompt: Describe a condition in your world caused by a drug or medicine.

Well, I just watched a series where the main character is trying to cure her condition.

I think I am in love.

Brand New Animal or BNA is a new series from Studio Trigger that Is streaming on Netflix for the United States.  Not only is it from my favorite animation studio it Is also the work of director Yoh Yoshinari who directed my favorite anime, Little Witch Academia.

My thoughts on LWA

Like Little witch academia BNA has an almost childlike feel to it, the animation the character designs are colorful, and it has sort of a family-friendly vibe with only a few scenes that include blood or death. I like anime that does not try to be too serious and while BNA has its healthy share of drama it maintains a fun sense of adventure throughout

The action is really good too

The art style and soundtrack of BNA greatly appeal to me with a lo-fi techno aesthetic, a lot of the colors seem almost neon based, and the soundtrack has a greater amount of synthetic sounds that create a distinct style of the show.

This show also has my favorite ending animation

There is no specific aspect of the show that stands out or elevates the show for me but rather it is the sum of all its parts that make this show great for me. Life is dramatic enough for me without me having to look for more drama and excitement from a series so what I look for in a show is a good escapist narrative that where you have likable characters, a happy aesthetic, kinetic animation and a story where despite the dramatic moments, everything works out.

I would recommend this show if you are looking for a short series that provides a good time. I will defiantly return to this series for re-watches and more reviews.



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