Summer Fun with Ani on Bad Reviews

Oh my, this website.


Its so, empty.


Time to fix that.


School is done so I’m back to focusing on what a real love to write about. No more essays about how depressing the real world is. Its time to go back to fiction and get back into the groove writing about whatever I want to write about, although poorly since this is after all BAD REVIEWS.


Odds are I will keep writing until August 24th and then focus on school after that hopefully I will find the time to keep up this website.

With that, all said I also plan on adding a section to this site where I publish any stories ideas that I have but that’s for the future.

In terms of personal updates, I have had a bit of a turbulent semester on top of pandemic there was some family drama and I had a bit of gender trouble where I realized I was a trans-woman.

For those of you (the seven of you) that read my sunshine blogger award post you probably noticed I was a little too enthusiastic describing my anime crushes and stated I identified with Kobayashi from Kobayashi’s dragon maid. Well this was my egg self signaling that I identified with and wanted to be these characters. So ya.

Anyhoo I am open for some advice on how to balance work/school with blogging so if you have any comments or links to articles about this than I would be happy to read them.

Love you all.


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