Update: July 9th

Wow look at you reading my site, thank you for doing that I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read what I had to say.

If you were one of the 9 people, who read my last update let me just preface by saying I jumped the gun on that list of shows I was planning on talking about, it is going to take me way longer to get around to most of the shows on that list than I expected. That misstep can be blamed on my inexperience and overestimation of my abilities. But with that said let me get to what you can expect for this upcoming month.

For this week and the next, I’m going to try and finish my Watch or Drop series for the summer anime season where I watch the first episode of a series, jot down my initial impressions and then decide if I will continue watching the show to the end. After I finish that I will go on a hiatus for 2 weeks to work on a series of post for the Little Witch Academia TV show.

For the Little Witch Academia TV series, I plan on reviewing multiple episodes in one post and then giving the standout episodes there own individual review.  I’m hoping through my analysis of Little Witch Academia that I will both communicate what makes the show so special but to also understand why it connects to me on a personal level.

On another note, these update posts are also for feedback, so if you feel so inclined, I have some questions for my fellow bloggers. First, what is your method for when you want to make an in-depth analysis on a show you really like, what are your goals when trying you are trying to communicate what you enjoy about a show that is really special to you? Second, how do you think I’m doing, any particular feedback on where I can grow as a writer or how I should manage my site. If you have answers for either of those questions in a post that you wrote feel free to link it in the comments or send it to me through the contact me tab on my homepage.

And As Always


Thanks for reading


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