Watch or Drop: Are you lost?

IT’S FINALLY HERE, a new season of anime just waiting to be a watch, will we laugh? Will we cry? Will there be a modern classic for all fans to enjoy? I don’t know, stop asking me questions. I’m not a scientist I’m a reviewer (and not a particularly good one). You are not reading my latest failure as a blogger which is my Watch or Drop series where I watch the first episode of a series and see if it is worth me watching it to the end or. If I decide to watch the series ill give it a mid-season and final review. If there is something interesting theme present in the series, I might even give it a BAD REVIEW.

So the first series news series I saw was “Are You Lost?” or Sōnan desu ka as the weebs might call it. It’s one of those cute girls with [random subject manner] shows, this time the subject matter being the girls’ survival on a strange island. This scenario seems like its the perfect setting for high stakes drama, except it’s not, as the show focuses on comedy, information on how to survive, and fan-service.

My first impressions of this show were pretty negative as I thought the CGI waves were pretty ugly as they sharply contrast with the rest of the hand-drawn background, and the panty shot that occurs in the first 30 seconds was really offputting. The reason I found it off-putting is that I like my fanservice in the proper context like in a romance series, otherwise its really distracting. I was ready to write off the show when they started doing introductions as I found it odd to be having this slice of life moment when they are in a life or death situation until I figured out what the show was going for. The next scene where the main character dryly bats a flying fish to death and then drinks its blood won me over, the sheer absurdity of the situation presented in bright colors and a lighthearted tone told me that the show was going to be a light-handed slice of life series that I shouldn’t take too seriously.


Ah Refreshed

After that, the show became much more enjoyable for me after, its dry sense of humor with scenes like the main girl eating a locus without batting an eye put a smile on my face, and putting a smile on my face appears to be the intent of the show. It was also short, which is great for my ADHD millennial brain. So yea I will definitely watch it.




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