Weekly Thoughts: Slumps

Man, I feel LAAAZY, I’m in the self-perpetuation state of not doing anything, not wanting to do anything, and yet continually telling myself that I should be doing something. Yes, this the slump and like a bad habit once it gets you it doesn’t want to let go.

What to do, what to do. Well, the only way to deal with a slump is to simply do … something anything productive, but that’s hard because doing something productive requires work and when you in a slump that’s the last thing you want to do. Your body feels heavy your limbs are like noodles, and all of your thoughts float through your mind without a single idea being pinned down. What to do what to do.


Well, the best way to deal with a slump is to try to prevent them from happening. To do this, keep a routine where you are always doing something productive and to have a schedule to keep to. You can also have a goal, having a goal gives you something to work towards something that you like. But it also helps to have a failure state something you want to avoid. This way you’re not only running towards something, but you also have something you’re running away from. It also helps to have minor goals, like you want to buy a new book, so you write an article or spend an hour at the gym.

That’s all swell and groovy, but what if you are in a slump. The typical response I get when  I ask someone this question is that I “Just do something.“ well here I am doing something because I’m in a slump and all I can write about is being in a slump. Something that EVERYONE has been through. The problem with just “doing something” is that when you’re in a slump your mood is not right and anything you try to do might not be up to your standards, and you will probably feel bad while doing it. So I suggest is that you make a change in your life. Any positive change will do as it brakes the slumps cycle, but the one I’m personally trying is cutting out the junk food because the thing about junk food is that it tastes good in the moment, but I feel bad after eating it 10 minutes later. I’m also going to try to get more exercise because it is relatively simple, and if I complete an exercise routine, I feel better afterword.


Certainly not during the exercise.

But that is enough of my rambling what are your thoughts on slumps and how do you deal with them.


One thought on “Weekly Thoughts: Slumps

  1. Sorry, I meant to get to leaving a reply here much earlier. This was a good post about what it’s like being in a slump and some things you might try to avoid that or help with it once it hits. For me, this is most interesting because you could say my baseline state is to be in a slump, in a way. I have severe inattentive type ADHD. It’s like being a creative/productive slump all 24-7. My body is heavy and my limbs feel like noodles all the time. Thoughts spin and race through my head without anything pinned down, all the time. Meds help a little, and there are tricks that I can use to help me trigger a hyperfocus on what I’m trying to write, but they don’t always work. Recently, one thing that’s helped me get out of slumps is the very thing you mentioned in your post: stay on a routine. Even if I have to half-ass it some days, it’s still better for me to stay on a good routine. Anyway those are my thoughts.

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