BAD IMPRESSIONS: Rosario Vampire

I’m usually not a fan of the ecchi genre but Rosario Vampire, hooked me, but why?  It’s not the story, nor Is it the sexualized imagery (i can get that … elsewhere). Its actually not anything one thing particular that makes Rosario Vampire a good read but is instead the combination of three elements that make it enjoyable: the artwork, action, and romance.

The Artwork

It looks gorgeous, and it contributes a lot to the overall tone of the series, and there are some really ambitious and dynamic drawings. take these two for example


Here we have a page with layers, the first layer having two characters in pretty complicated poses due to one holding the other, the second layer containing the abstract shapes of bats and the third layer being a close up of Moka Akashiya’s (the vampire) eyes. In short, this is not a drawing an amateur can pull off.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.06.44 PM

Full discloser I did not get far enough into the series to know who this character is, but I can tell you about her.

The upward hood and half shadowed face makes it clear that this individual is in a line of work of secrecy not only that the heavy emphasis on black and shadows indicate that she is probably a villain. Her eyes are pointed at the ends indicated that she is sharp and focused on an objective while her outlined smile displays that she is fully confident in what she is doing. All of that was communicated just by the way she was drawn.

So in summery Rosario Vampire has artwork that can sell the series and that is just the first reason why I think it is excellent.

The Action

Rosario Vampire probably has more action scenes than it does panty shots, which places right in the crossroads of the ecchi-action genre. Now any manga series can have action, but it takes a unique author to draw good action.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.06.33 PM

When I got to this panel, I winced because all the right steps were taken to draw a perfect punch. First, around Moka’s arms, you can see lines that indicate, where the force of her arm is directed, which is perpendicular to the lines on her victims face. There is also a pretty clear intent in the other character face where the fist landed, some of her teeth are crooked, and there is a blood splatter. All these elements tell the viewer that the character on the right was punched with a large amount of force that did significant damage to her face. Rosario Vampire is full of fight scene like this one, which makes it a pretty good action series.

The Romance

At the center of the Rosario Vampire is the romance between Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya. Now you cant have a compelling romance without compelling characters and Both Tsukune and Moka tick those boxes. First, they are both outsiders Tsukune is a pretty mediocre guy who muddled his way through life without really anything to strive for that is until he meets Moka and finds something to care about. Likewise, Moka has never really been accepted before until she met Tsukune and even throughout the series, Tsukune is the only one that understands Moka. 


So there is a pretty good foundation for a relationship to bloom, and personally, I’m excited to see where it goes.

So ya if you can stand the ecchi stuff, give this series a read.


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