BAD REVIEW: The Great British Baking Show

It’s great

I think it is one of the relaxing shows to relax to and it has all the elements of a great reality show.  Since I like this show so much I wanted to break down what was good about it.

The Stakes

  • Best amateur baker in Briton
  • Praise from two master bakers

 The Setting

  • The completion takes place in a large tent placed in the center of a beautiful field behind a historic mansion. With the tent, you can see the surrounding area and the camera will cut away to lips of cute animals doing cute things (like sheep baaing, Or ducks swimming in a pond)


The tent also showcases bright colors that create an overall homely mood to the entire competition

Lots of wooden counters and white curtains, its made to look like a home kitchen

 The Competition

  • All the backers are general knowledge about baking and have the right amount of experience so you can also learn a bit about cooking by watching the competitors
  • It also makes the competition very tights especially near the finals which are good to keep the tension and interest high.
  • The contestants will also regularly help each other out when there is trouble – so there is no mean-spiritedness in the competition
  • The competitions are also brilliantly designed – you have the signature where the contestants make relatively simple bakes that show of there overall skill.

You then have the technical wich the bakers instincts are put the test as they have to make a recipe they have not prepared for.

Lastly, there is the show stopper where the bakers show off there decorations skills and ability to make big bakes

  • Altogether it is an exciting set of challenges that showcase each of the contestant’s skills

The Music

  • The music is a set of an orchestral score that maintains a relaxing low-stress atmosphere – it likes it tells you – hay I know it is a competitive environment, but it doesn’t have to feel competitive and stressful
  • Yet at the same time, the music knows when to pick up the tempo when the timer is running out.

 The Judges

  • There could not be better judges for this show
  • Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, and Pru Leith are all master bakers who can clearly articulate what went wrong or write with bakes just from the taste texture and look of the bakes.

Overall you can’t go wrong with this show But in order to explain how well this show gets its elements right, we need to look at how these elements can go badly.

So I picked the easiest target possible with Netflix’s cooking on high

A show that it’s only straight – or really the only thing going for it is its premies

It’s cooking with WEEEEEEED – how interesting.

Unfortunately, you need to be high to enjoy it because this show is borrrrring

So let me start with the good

It has a reporter by the name of Ngiao – who is very knowledgable about cannabis strains and things in the cannabis industry, the most exciting parts of the show are always when he is talking. Except when he tries to be funny then it is just kinda painful

The chefs themselves bring are interesting enough it is interesting to learn about there general background, and their explanations of what they are cooking

Outside of the that the rest is just pretty boring so let’s break it down

The biggest problem with the show is that the competition is not focused on cooking. Let me make sure that’s clear – the producers of the show decided to create a cooking competition that is not focused on food, so it is not really about weed and its also not about cooking then what is the show about, why is it hear, who thought up this idea – where they high? YES

The Stakes

  • “the coveted golden pot” – Oh a pot,  like the weed, I see, but no title, no prestige just a plastic gold tinted pot no title of accomplishment.
  • So like in iron chef you win the prestige of beating a world famous chef, in British baking you’re named top armature baker in Britain. In cooking on high you get a cheap trophy that they probably have to get back.

The Setting

  • The judge, hosts, and competitors are all crammed into a small kitchen area were there stumbling over each other and the judges awkwardly watch the competition play out. Also, there are these really cheap looking stock photographs of cannabis in the background and its completely out of place from the rest of the setting, To summarize the stage stinks.

The Judges

  • The judges consist of comedians and musicians, not really subject experts on cooking. Worst still they show up high. Umm, excuse me no one should show up to a job intoxicated and doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of this show where tour supposes to evaluate how well the food gets you high.
  • The judges never have anything interesting to say all of the conversations start with eh host asking, “so what’s a funny edible story” and then the judges proceed to tell an unfunny story. after which, they wait on the food, and then the episode ends

Now you may think I’m being too harsh on this show, that I should forgive this show from prob having a low budget lens stemming from a small budget. But you see the budget is the biggest problem because that means someone paid money for this awful show. And that’s a sin I can not forgive

This show displays all the most obnoxious parts of cannabis culture, and I hate it

With that said watch British Baking show.


10/10 would bake again


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