BAD Review: Bad Days

We all have Bad Days, for me, they come around twice a year, but what I’ve noticed is that bad days usually come in two types which are determined by the content of the day. There are a few identifying features that make up a bad day. First is that there is about a month of events that occur in different events that occur over the previous week month or year. The bad day is when they all come to a head

Type A which is just a constant stream of incognizance and complications added to everything that you do – on top of all the stress that you were feeling from the week before usually shorter impacts

Type b – which can be shorter in content but have events that change the way you live.

Let’s go through them shall we

Type A – from the outside, you can usually tell when someone is having a type a bad day when they freak out over seemingly minder things.

Like getting upset that the popeyes forgot the biscuit, and while it is understandable to be angry that you perceived the buttery tart that is popeyes biscuit it doesn’t seem to warrant throwing of a bag and refuse to talk for a solid thirty minutes.

But usually, it is not about the biscuit it is about everything that led up the denial of your biscuit.

Types A are usually the climax of a week of unfortunate events like missing meetings or getting lousy feedback on projects as well as stress from home. It then leads into a single day that from the beginning you can tell it going to be trouble.

The day starts of course with a nightmare (which in my case involves school and alligators) that wakes you up at 1:00 AM, to tired to do anything and being unable to go back to sleep so you simply muddle the time away worried about all the projects that you have yet to do and the lengthy agenda for the day. This is all worse by the lingering sense that today is not going towards your way.

You then lead into the day with horrible fatigue, and you realize that you can’t find a parking pace. As you finally get a space, you realize that you parked with just enough time to be 6 minutes late to the meeting. Not so late that you missed anything important but just late enough for people to noticed that you are not present when the meeting begins. After that slug, you get something to eat only for the sauce to land on your shirt. The foods not good and you spilled some of the water. After lunch yo learn that you have another project due after you realized you can’t work because you’re too sleep deprived. The workday ends and out need to get groceries, and as soon as you park your car, it rains. Get to the stoor buy your stuff ram your cart to ail on the way out and walk back through the rain to your car. Thankfully the rain stops as soon as you get into your car to which you realize that you need some gas. So you drive to the gas station and oh no all the pumps are taken, go to the next station, some same story. Go to a third one, cool there is an open pump. Normally this wouldn’t bother you but on a type, A bad day is likely to send you flipping because it is just one minor thing that would like to get done without any hassle and you end up spending an extra 30 minutes on it.

You get home to put down your groceries stub your toe on the coffee table and lull the day away until you need to eat. You decide that some comfort food is what you need for this uncomfortable day is some southern comfort food, so you got POPIes for a 5pice fried chine, with a biscuit and some mashed potatoes with gravy. After waiting for a good 15-30 minutes for the order, you open the box and no biscuits. You go ask desk “umm I didn’t get a biscuit.”

“Oh ya we ran out of baskets, and I forgot to tell you, uhh sorry.”

After returning to your house out of breath from yelling your lungs out on your way home. You eat and end try to end this miserable day. Except you can’t sleep

Now the one positive to type A days is that usually, the events of the bad day doesn’t leave a lasting impact and usually, the rest of the month is better by comparison. Unfortunately type B bad days are the worst as they change your life.

These are the days you learn about the death of a loved one or are stricken with a life threating injury or disease. These days change you as a person for better or for worst. But the worst part is that type B bad days lead into more bad days to come, and you know it.

To summarize Bad Days stink

0/10 will experience again


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